She was sitting at her favorite space of the house which was sea facing balcony, staring large sea waves and thinking about the choices she made throughout her life. Among all the things she had in her mind, there was one that always brings a smile on her face. With that pretty smile on her... Continue Reading →


Get Quick Radiant Glow By Using Some real Basic Products

This is a kind of makeup tutorial which is pretty good for those women who are beginners, or always in a hurry, or college going. In this blog, I'm going to share the cosmetic products I use and all of them are the real basic products and quite affordable too.


And there were times, when you tried explaining yourself and your feelings several times but that was me who never even bothered to  understand what you were trying to say. But again there were times when I realized you are someone who might have true feelings or should say affection, and I decided to give you a chance.... Continue Reading →


"Don't weigh another by your judgements, If someone had to do the same with you, I'm sure you wouldn't like the result." -Anonymous By reading this quote, it is quite clear that the writer is a victim of false judgements. This is something I want to make people understand around me. Many of you may have... Continue Reading →


There are lots of emotions a human being bear and human has categorized them into positives and negatives. Love, pride, gratitude, serenity, joy etc are those emotions which have been put into the positive category, and the interesting thing is when a person behaves in front of people with these qualities he or she is considered as a... Continue Reading →

What goes around comes around…….

On earth, there are lots of concepts about life, truth and lie and on various other things. Among all, Karma is a popular concept, every individual has his own notion for the term. For some people, it's a continuing contract between one moment and another, between one life and another, and some people believe that... Continue Reading →

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