JIM CORBETT TRIP 3: The last one……

First off- I am quite happy with the overwhelming response, I am getting on this series of blogs, the one with the planning and when the journey begins. Thanks to all the readers for reading my write-ups and sharing your views and giving suggestions. Now, as the title suggests, this is the last part of... Continue Reading →


JIM CORBETT TRIP 2: When the journey begins…

Hey fellas! I am back with another chapter of my recent trip to Jim Corbett. In the last chapter The one with the planning, I have given the details on how this plan had been initiated and what kind of problems we faced. So now to where we left. On 16th Feb 2018, I was... Continue Reading →


And there were times, when you tried explaining yourself and your feelings several times but that was me who never even bothered to  understand what you were trying to say. But again there were times when I realized you are someone who might have true feelings or should say affection, and I decided to give you a chance.... Continue Reading →


"Don't weigh another by your judgements, If someone had to do the same with you, I'm sure you wouldn't like the result." -Anonymous By reading this quote, it is quite clear that the writer is a victim of false judgements. This is something I want to make people understand around me. Many of you may have... Continue Reading →

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