The New Old Apartment – 1

Late at night, Jason woke up to a sliding sound. He turned on the light and found Julie standing on the balcony. He brought her back to the room and closed the door with the curtains on.  “What were you doing there in the middle of the night?”  Asked Jason.


Around 12:15 AM, we were heading back home. There was a little traffic on the highway, and most cars sped away a bit over the limits. The bright, yellow street lights were scattering the shimmery glow on the road. Small green trees were swaying as the strong breeze hit them on the roadside. A soft romantic song was playing in the car, we were enjoying that silence and fascination of the beautiful night.

Theme Party

And then Athan used a trick and caught up wolf's right hand with his left. He pinned his legs open with his for a long moment. He jammed the right hand into his stomach and clawed upwards. He shrieked, convulsed. Wolf threw Athan off.

Corona War

People are dying and families are suffering Luckily, people are doing their bit for each other by serving and offering. Vaccine has been introduced and giving us all a ray of hope, That one day we can mingle, travel, and roam.


They reached the spot, with her eyes still covered. The aroma and sea waves sound was hitting deep in her brain, it was quite familiar. Her brain was bringing blurred memories, but she brushed them off as she wanted to have a great night with her husband.